Life Skills Pathways & Specialized Services

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Life Skills Pathways program

Practical skills to prepare for independent living, college, or a meaningful career.

The Life Skills Pathways is an exciting program that combines life skills, career skills, and technology in a unique and innovative environment. Each student has an individual plan including goals such as learning independent living skills or utilizing assistive technology tools in an inclusive environment.

Year round schedule

Class schedule is 9:00am to 2:30pm year round.

Individual focus

Student to staff ratio is 6:1

Community outings

Regular trips to practice and improve life skills and community engagement

The Life Skills Pathways program covers a wide range of subjects and life skills.

  • General Education curriculum in math and English
  • Business and technology
  • Community outings – practical application of life skills curriculum
  • Functional Math Curriculum includes money management
Specialized services

Individualized plans for the diverse individual

Our therapists and specialized services staff work in collaboration with each other and our teachers to ensure every student is successful both inside and outside of the inclusive classroom. Our innovative specialized service department provides the support necessary to ensure the success of our students customized to the needs of each child.

Speech and Language Pathology Services (SLPS)

We offer speech therapy, early language stimulation, and language therapy provided

Individualized Service and Learning Plans

Students who receive classroom accommodations or modifications to their curriculum have individualized plans

Adaptive PE

To meet the sensory needs of our students, unique movement breaks and sensory diets are created

Social Skills

Students practice social skills such as active listening, perspective taking, reading nonverbal cues, conversation skills, and more