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Thank you for your interest in Hope Technology School! Each contribution makes a difference. If you’d like to get involved in other ways, please contact us and we will direct you on how to support the Hope Technology School or any other projects affiliated with Hope Technology Group.

Solicitation for Charitable Purposes

The donation will be used to further the charitable purposes of Erudite Technology Group, Inc. [Tax ID: 943251053, dba Hope Technology Group], 2525 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, California 94303. The organization is tax exempt under California and federal law.

100% of the donation is deductible as a charitable contribution on your federal and state income tax returns, subject to general limitations applicable to your personal circumstances. Please consult your tax advisor.

The soliciting organization, Erudite Technology Group, Inc. [dba Hope Technology Group], including its Hope Technology School, is the organization that will benefit from the contribution.

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