Our Philosophy

Our mission, at Hope Technology School, is to foster achievement through innovation, technology and community in a challenging academic environment. With inclusive classes, we provide opportunities for every student to thrive academically, physically and socially in order to develop into globally responsible citizens.  We offer an individual learning experience to all students in each of our accredited classrooms from preschool through tenth grade.


Hope Technology School is a WASC accredited K-8 school program, including a pilot 9th-11th grade. We also conduct a licensed Preschool Program and a therapy department and Vocational Education Program. We are a non-profit private school and have been serving Bay Area families since 2001. We strive to provide a fully inclusive education for both typically developing and special needs students.

Inclusive Method

“One of the most important principles of inclusive education is that no two learners are alike, and so inclusive schools place great importance on creating opportunities for students to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways.” – Inclusive Schools Network

Founded in 2001, Hope Technology School has excelled in inclusive education. Technology plays a vital role in the motivation and progress of our students. Students at all levels utilize computers, tablets and other innovative technology to foster reading, writing, math and communication skills for students of all abilities.  Small class sizes support development while we advocate giving students opportunities for hope utilizing any available process, plan or tool. We employ a truly eclectic approach using as many methods as possible to help our students.  The special needs of our students may include Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, learning differences, speech disorders and emotional challenges.

Innovative Approach

  • STEAM – Our courses, especially in the middle school and high school programs, are designed to incorporate science, technology, engineering, art and math into the classroom.  Located in Silicon Valley, the heart of the technological industry, we witness firsthand the relevance and importance of technological competence in young students.  Each grade level has specified Technology Standards. Our middle school students each have a Chromebook for individual and collaborative work.  Software we utilize includes, but is not limited to, Google Suite, Scratch, Microsoft Office, iMovie, PicCollage, Newsela, KidBlog, Epic, MakeyMakey and Garage Band.  Messenger is used for homework assignments and tracking. Additionally we use products for assistive technology such as iPads with QuickTalk AAC and Pictello.


  • Social Skills – Development of social skills is important to our philosophy at HTS.  Teachers school-wide discuss, practice, and provide tools for building character traits such as respect, kindness, self-control, and teamwork.  All of these skills help support the development of 21st century skills. Read more here.


  • Extracurriculars – Our school supports activities outside of school.  This year our school began Running Squad, a fun and competitive running club for middle school and high school students.  Running Squad supports physical wellness, goal-setting, and building self esteem. Read more here. 


  • Sensory Accommodations – We use a variety of tools to help our students including quiet and cozy areas in each classroom, various seats (ball chairs and rocking desk chairs, cushion seats), indoor swings, noise canceling headphones, touch screen computers, and GoNoodle. All of these tools are implemented differently across the school to sustain attention, regulate behavior and optimize learning.

Our Community Impact