Young Engineers

Who said preschoolers can’t be engineers?

The basics of civil engineering are embedded in some of our daily activities at HTS.  Lately, our favorite activity in class has been building bridges using our train tracks and wooden blocks.  It doesn’t take much to motivate our little tikes to use mathematics, science, and design to build some solid structures.






Building promotes development in:

  • Recognizing colors, shapes, and objects
  • Identifying numbers and counting
  • Socializing and sharing
  • Constructive play

In the preschool, the kids have been building these impressive bridges and tunnels you see above. It’s great to see the children are going beyond the standard flat layout of a train track and exploring some hidden engineering skills.  The cognitive skills needed for building a real bridge requires the ability to test stability and check for whether or not pieces fit together.  Although our students haven’t quite mastered physics, they are definitely on their way to developing the skills to be master builders.