What is Adapted Physical Education?

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Physical Education has come a long way, from the inception of the Greek philosophy of having a “sound mind and sound body” to desegregating classes during the Civil Rights era. We cannot determine our future without knowing our history first right? So how about Adapted Physical Education? What is it? What’s the difference? Who cares?

Adapted Physical Education is more than just a subject, but an art. It is one of the few entities that implements science to carefully and passionately create an exercise program suited for a students learning challenges. Regardless of the disability, whether intellectual or physical, a physical education program can be tailored to meet the needs of any student. The beauty behind this art is how it smoothly ties in with the Hope Technology School’s philosophy on providing excellent and inclusive education to every student. A program like this will expose both special and typical needs children in a new environment, where movement is the foundation of the class. More importantly, a thriving community can be formed as the instructor has the ability to empower students through exercise.

We live in an innovative time. We are passionately dedicated to providing every student with the best quality physical education that will incorporate assistive technology and visuals for students to compliment their learning experience. Why exercise? Why not just throw a ball in the yard? Because exercise is medicine.

The goal of Adapted Physical Education is to provide every student with access to equipment, knowledge, and resources needed in order to become more active. We want our students to feel empowered to take what they learn from school and apply it in their daily lives. If we can teach our Huskies to become effective and efficient movers, while simultaneously building their skill competency in the classroom, we will be doing our part to combat worldwide epidemics such as obesity and heart disease. Given that students both with and without disabilities are already lacking physical activity in their daily lives, exercise will help them promote positive advancements in their social and physical development.

Here at the Hope Technology School, we’re excited to see how far we’ve come, thanks in large part to our dedicated staff who have embracing and embodied our mission and philosophy. Today, we continue to challenge ourselves to create innovative curriculums both in the classroom and in our Adapted Physical Education program. Our goal is to not just educate, but to empower our students of the importance of exercise and physical activity. We want to see our Huskies live long, healthy, and active lifestyles.

Here are some tips to help your student exercise at home. Try it with them!