September Social Skill: Citizenship

As September comes to a close we celebrate our first month back in school recognizing the
importance of being a model citizen.  Students and teachers spent many of the first few weeks creating their own classroom community and developing an outline for what it means to be connected to one’s community and country.

September, at HTS we focused on the characteristic of…

Citizenship: Being loyal to your school, community, and country.

When asked about the importance of citizenship, Sheree Smith, BA in Communicative Disorders and Sciences, shared, “Learning how to treat people and the things around you is essential for having respect for your community”.
In fifth grade, students discussed the actions of a good citizen:

  • Be kind, say “hi”
  • Include others
  • Throw away trash
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Be responsible for your belongings and help others
  • Be safe and follow school rules
  • Be quiet in the hallway

In fact, not only was our school focused on
citizenship this month, but on September 17th our nation observed Citizenship Day.  And in honor of the day, the National Constitution Center created an interactive site to help people work with and explore the primary source. Take a peek at the interactive Constitution here.

Students who displayed characteristics of citizenship this month were awarded a classroom citizenship award.  Every month students that are honored with the “Character Award” will be entered into a raffle to be selected as the school’s monthly winner.

Congratulations to this month’s raffle winners!