Saying Goodbye

IMG_0826    Saying Goodbye!

It’s that time of year again.  School is starting!  Sometimes it just seems so hard to say good-bye to our little ones, doesn’t it?

As a mom of a two year old this feels especially challenging.  When my daughters lips start to turn down at the corners and begin to quiver, her eyes filling up with tears, I see it coming….wait for it… “waaaah!”

My heart melts; I feel as if I am betraying her by leaving!  Then, the teacher in me remembers, “This happens during every drop off. The moment I leave, she’ll be totally fine, everytime.” Another thing I have to remember is that soon her transitions into the classroom will be smooth if I am consistent with our departure routine.

I felt that I should share some of the things I ‘ve learned as a preschool teacher to help make transitions for other parents more pleasant, sooner rather than later.

Here are some tips for saying good-bye these first weeks of school:

  • Keep drop-off short, sweet and simple. (ex. Sign-in, big hug, big kiss and good-bye)
  • Be consistent. Have the same drop off routine every day.
  • Have conversation with your child about what to expect during drop off and during their school day.
  • Remind your child who will be there to pick them up and that they will be there when school is out.
  • Always communicate with teachers any concerns that have come up in conversation with your child.  The teacher will help your child work through those concerns throughout the day.


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