Poems for Dr. King

The 8th graders who I teach social studies, wrote  acrostic poems about Martin Luther King, it was perfect timing as they were doing the same thing in Language Arts. Before we began the writing we took the time to watch great videos and the impact he had on the city of Chicago. The 2007 film makes meaningful connections with our current society, leading to thoughtful comments and questions.

I asked them, “What characteristics would you use to describe Martin Luther King?” and these were the answers: Kind, Respectful, Peaceful and leader as well as others.  We then wrote acrostic poems to the letters: DR. KING

Other examples: the ideas and words kept on flowing

Resources for Videos, Speeches and Art:


The Life of Martin Luther



Martin Luther King: Animated Video



Video and Handout: Martin Luther King



Video: Martin Luther King( 7min)






Audio Speech:



“4,000 Rubik’s Cubes and a dream helped make this giant mosaic”

4,000 Rubik’s Cubes and a dream helped make this giant mosaic