Our Philosophy

Why inclusion matters

Mission Statement

Foster achievement through innovation, technology, and community in a challenging academic environment.

Through inclusive classes, we provide opportunities for every student to thrive academically, physically, and socially in order to develop into globally responsible citizens. We offer an individual learning experience to all students in each of our accredited classrooms from preschool through high school.

Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


Students will become active participants in learning


Students will participate in inclusive communities


Students will become proficient in utilizing information, media, and technology.


Students will develop skills for independence in and out of the classroom

A brief HTS timeline


The launch

HTS launched a pilot program on the campus of Franklin Elementary School in Burlingame, CA, with one classroom of five students.


The move

With a preschool and a full K-8 and Vocational Education program, we moved to our current location in Palo Alto, CA.


The future

We have added a high school to our program at our current location. Our elementary and high school programs are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

What need are we trying to meet in the world?

Recognizing that many students with special needs experience unnecessary isolation from peer groups, and that typical students also lack experience with a diversity of learners, we promote inclusion of all students, regardless of ability, to learn in peer groups. Through inclusion, every student’s strengths and learning styles are recognized and supported with compassion and opportunities to contribute to their learning groups.

How are we doing it?

  • Small class size
  • Technology rich classrooms
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Low student:teacher ratio
  • High parent participation
  • Collaborative teaching
  • On-site therapy services
  • On-site social skills development programs
  • Embedded social skills curriculum for all students
  • Inclusive extracurricular athletics
  • Highly trained staff
  • Collaboration with outside therapists, health care providers, and home-district school administration
What makes us stand out from other schools and programs?
  • Close, inclusive parent community
  • Whole-child perspective on learning and development
  • Flexible approach to learning goals
  • School leadership and governance by collaborative team of directors (vs. one principal over school)
What programs do we have available?
  • Animal Assisted Happiness
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Create (Summer Enrichment in Arts and Technology)
  • After school enrichment program for K-12
  • Social skills groups
  • Adaptive PE
  • Multi-modal learning enrichment (music, movement, meditation)
  • Teacher-mentoring program
  • Teacher-training collaboration through National University
  • High School music program
  • On-going staff development and support of staff career goal planning

A little about us

Hope Technology School students from the Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Santa Clara Counties. Similar to the diversity of the Bay Area, our school population is composed of students from a wide variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. We have neurotypical students as well as students with learning, developmental, and physical disabilities.

What's next?
We always strive to improve our program and innovate learning strategies to meet the needs of our students and community. We will continue to develop programs to support the emotional, academic, physical, and social wellness of our student community.
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