Parents Inspired at Family Holiday Celebration

Our Nicholas was a performer on Saturday night when Hope Technology School took the stage with holiday songs and performances. The middle schoolers sang “We Are the World” with a slideshow of photos, leaving me both happy & teary. Heartwarming to see all the families there. Especially the special needs families.

Because I remember the years when Nicholas would not stay onstage without special accommodation, let alone try to sing or dance.  Good to see our young man up there standing tall and laughing as he pointed out his parents to his buds during the singing. Little mischief streaks in him too. And amazing to see his arms stretch wide as he joined the other students in the song wave gestures – more motor planning gains here.

Thank you, Mr Kiyuna, Ms Bev, Ms Adelaide, Ms Gema, Ms Jones, Mrs Straw, Ms Julie, Ms Sandra, Ms Hope, and all of his HTS team. It takes a village. You are an amazing team. Team Nicholas.

I am thankful.