October Social Skill: Cooperation

Happy Election Day! To celebrate (or while you curl up in a ball and cry), we hope you will enjoy the fact that at HTS we are constantly striving to build better citizens. The whole student is important at HTS and our school wouldn’t have such an inclusive mission if we did not value social development.

For the month of October we focused on building…

Cooperation: the process of working together to the same end.

School Election

To demonstrate cooperation, our entire school voted in our present election.  Using Newsela, an online resource for news at varied reading levels, we conducted a school wide election.  It was Hillary for the win in this Silicon Valley private school with 78% of the votes.

Although students voted individually, students learned that democracy is an essential cooperative tool that makes our nation stronger.  Here’s the students’ results:

The Ultimate Question

When asked why a president might need cooperation, a few students responded:

“If a president was alone it would be hard for him or her.  They need helpers to make the world a better place.” – 3rd Grader

“You need to work together to keep everybody safe.” – 2nd Grader

“Because all the people will be very, very happy.” – 1st Grader

As discussed in 5th grade cooperation takes:

  • Working together
  • Playing together
  • helping each other
  • Thinking about others (not just yourself)
  • Listening to others
  • Including others

Whether it’s in the classroom, at home, or in relation to national issues, cooperation is an essential trait for building a productive community.  We can’t wait to see type of collaborative citizens these students will become, maybe one of them will even be our future president!