Inclusion Matters

Our Vocational Educational Program
started the year off on the right foot…or hand.  Together they traced, colored, and cut paper hands from the students and teachers to create a collage tree!  Since our mission at HTS is to build inclusion in all classrooms, we felt that this project would display the uniqueness and collectivity involved in building an inclusive classroom and school. In fact the active mission of HTS is:

 To create a challenging academic environment which fosters achievement through innovation, technology and community. With inclusive classes, we provide opportunities for every student to thrive academically, physically and socially.  Inclusion is a shining aspect of our program because it spurs the development of responsible global citizens.  We offer an individual learning experience to all students in each of our accredited classrooms from preschool through tenth grade. (Check out our “About Us” Page for more info.) 

Although our Vocational Educational Program works with older students, our school consists of students in Preschool to high school, which is why our school strives to embody and
implement the following
FOUR SCHOOL RULES (Click to download printouts):HTS School Rules Printouts

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  • Include