HTS Wins Best of the Best Again!

2018 Award Winning

Silver – Private High School

Silver – Technology School

Bronze – Private Middle School

Bronze – Special Needs Service or Organization

For the fourth year in a row, Hope Technology School has proven its rank as a top private school for families in the Bay Area.  Some of this years’ highlights include:

New High School Program – Our new program focuses on developing the skills students need for the 21st century.  We provide independent and group instruction for different abilities.

Cross-Country and Basketball – Our school offers a sports league for middle school and high school that develops the physical and mental skills needed for sportsmanship. They participate in the BASSAL Athletic League.

CREATE Summer Elective Program – Our year-round schedule allows our students to dive into learning for some special electives in the summer such as cooking, woodshop, drama, guitar, and creative writing.

Flexible Classrooms – Our sensory friendly classrooms provide support for students of varied needs while utilizing technology for learning and academic achievement.

Common Core Aligned – School-wide curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards to provide structured lesson plans and prepare students for graduation.

WASC Accreditation – Our inclusive school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and continues to be an example of progressive education globally.