HTS AT Manual: A Tool for Parents of Children with Autism

By Christine Jones, M.A. Special Education

Every parent with a child with autism wants to be able to have conversations with their children and know what they are capable of. However, this is only possible if parents are aware of the tools that can give their child the access to communicate. There are a number of stories of children who have had breakthroughs because they have been given the tools. You can hear about them through Hacking Autism . Another place for parents to start is to go over the  Hope Technology School Assistive Technology Manual. In the AT manual you will find tools and many ideas as to the access that is available, such as the HP – Touch Smart. The Touch Smart is being used by many parents to give their children access to communicate, to learn, as well as to find the things they enjoy and will motivate them, programs such as Tux Paint,  Sebran and Zac Browser, just to list a few.