Home Run Derby: If you build it, they will come…

Eight years ago, the tradition of the much anticipated home run derby began.  Kids making banners and gifts for their dads-learning cheers and chants for the big game.  Teachers connecting with moms to get key information about dads.  Like, “Will they be able to come?”; “Can they give rides?”  and the most importantly….”Who will be the next champion?” So the question today is: How did this great tradition come to be?  To get the answers we had to go to the source………….. Bob Moos, Seasoned Teacher at HTS, Lover of Baseball (SF Giants to be specific)

Interviewer: Bob, how did it all begin?  The food, the fun, the competition?

Bob: What better way to celebrate Dad than a BBQ?    Originally, we just invited the Dads to come and have lunch with their kid(s).  The first Father’s Day lunch that we held was way back in 2003!  Back then I would BBQ the hot dogs the night before and then re-heat them the next day.   Three years later we added the Home Run Derby to the BBQ!  The Inaugural derby was held at Franklin Elementary School in Burlingame.  The last 3 have been held at Burgess Park, Menlo Park.  This year will be our 8th Father’s Day Home Run Derby!

Interviewer:  I like the progression.  From Burlingame to Menlo Park.  From lunch to BBQ.  From BBQ to Home Run Derby BBQ!  What is your favorite part of the Derby?

Bob: I really enjoy seeing how excited the kids get while they are hanging out having lunch with their dads.  But my favorite part of the HRD is seeing how competitive the dads get as they all are fighting for the coveted trophy!

Interviewer: I can definitely imagine the excitement the kids feel and the competitive spirit with the dads.  Sports, whether humble or grand seem to bring out the spirit of competition in all people.  What is your favorite Derby memory?

Bob: 2007 was a special HRD for me because it was the first year that I was going to celebrate Father’s Day as a Dad!  We adopted our son, Reuben, in March of that year.  It was also the first year that I got to bat in the Derby.  I actually hit one over the fence!

Interviewer: Wow!  What an amazing memory to have.  That is definitely unforgettable.  So, how do you prepare for this great event?

Bob: Preparation for the HRD actually begins weeks in advance!   It is always quite the production putting everything together.  The kids are busy making the gift for their dad.  This can be anything from writing to creating a Bobble Head out of clay!  Every year the gift has been different.  The kids paint banners and signs for the big day.  And then of course there is the food run to the store.  The charcoals are lit around 10am and final prep and set up is made for the arrival of the dads at around 11am.   I can only imagine what it takes to pull off a GIANTS game at AT&T Park!

Interviewer:  Yeah, I don’t think I want to imagine what it takes for the GIANTS staff to do what they do.  Sounds overwhelming just thinking about it.  I’ll stick to just enjoying the games in foolish bliss.  Last question, thanks so much for taking time out for this interview.  What do you hope to do for future Home Run Derby’s?

Bob: My Goal is to one day have an actual fly over during the National Anthem………..remote control of course!  I also would like to get John Miller to come and call the game!  I believe that one should DREAM BIG!

Interviewer:  Any last words?

Bob: Go Giants!