Exercise and Language Arts Together? What?!

Interactive Language Arts

Did your mom ever tell you not to mix the whites with the darks when doing the laundry?  “Keep them separate!” my mom would say.  Although we might need to keep our clothes separate in the laundry…learning is quite the opposite.  Learning is about incorporating multiple skills to develop knowledge and understanding.  For a classroom filled with different learning abilities, learning challenges and strengths, movement is essential.

Several times a week students my students get a workout while they study vocabulary.  Now don’t be afraid…this activity is loads of fun. We’re aiming to develop students’ comprehension in reading, spelling, literature and composition while simultaneously providing multiple opportunities of physical activity during the day.

Check out one of our grooving workout session and come up with one for your class!

Name of Activity: Rockin’ Review workoutcards

Grade Level: Any

Subject Area:  Language Arts Vocabulary Review

Formation: Spacious Area to move around

Equipment/materials: Over-sized Yoga Ball, vocabulary flash cards


  1. dubiousLet the students know it’s time to review their vocabulary.
  2. Teacher will demonstrate movement and students will repeat that movement 2 times to understand the sequence of movements.
  3. Review vocabulary words (definitions and examples of the vocabulary word used in a sentence) while doing squats, lunges and cross body toe touches independently or with a partner.
  4. Take a reading break and toss an over-sized yoga ball 2-3 times back and forth with your partner.
  5. Begin again the work out until all words are read.

Try this:

  1. Encourage physical activity based on ability and discourage strenuous physical activity that leaves students extremely fatigued.
  2. Activity can be done with a small group of 3-4 students, a partner, or independently. If student is working independently, they can toss the yoga ball up in the air 5 times before continuing flash card review.
  3. Students can take turns coming up with their own sentences with their vocabulary word.

Click on the photos below for links to more ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and Language Arts.