Best of the Best

We have witnessed firsthand the incredible experience provided by our staff, teachers, and students at HTS, but now the positive impact of our school has spread beyond our families into the community around us.

Bay Area Parent, a renowned parent website and magazine, has a segment called “Best of the Best”. The magazine annually decides and declares the best children’s programs in the Bay Area. This year, Hope Technology School proudly wears the Silver title of Best Private Elementary School and the Bronze title of Best Private Middle School in all of Silicon Valley. In addition to our excellent educational programs, we have also been deemed the Silver title of Best Special Needs Services and Support in Silicon Valley.

Since we have received this honor, we would like to give our parents the TOP 5 REASONS why our school is the Best of the Best in our educational programs:

  1. Fully-inclusive classrooms

uW8PKRsCLU26LObC6SvBBAb-tLf6yPoqeLX_FOayVaTSJpeICQWEC87qHWvAEKBErIJ3EA=w944-h489In a world where students are expected to fit in an academic box, we believe in expanding our means through which students can excel. All students are capable of success, and everyone’s success will look different than those around them. Because we are aware of this, we strive to provide the best opportunities for each of our students’ learning needs. Children with disabilities and typical children alike can work side by side and learn valuable lessons not only from their teachers, but also from each other.  Typical students are graduating from local high schools with honors and as valedictorians of their class and heading to top colleges in the nation.  By participating in a classroom where all students are taught to build upon each others strengths our kids gain experiences that set a foundation of inclusion and leadership that carries them well beyond their primary years.

  1. Technology-driven education

In order to create such an inclusive environment, we provide our students with the technological tools needed to excel in the classroom. From keyboards that provide a voice to our nonverbal students to touchscreen computers that enable those with learning disabilities to develop  in the way that best suits them, technology has become an indispensable tool for each and every one of our students. Rather than stopping at what limitations may arise, we see an opportunity to allow our students to use these tools to grow in ways they never have before.

  1. Central location

Because our services are in high demand across the Bay Area and even the world, we provide a central location for all of our students to have easy access to. Aptly located in one of the most technologically savvy cities in the country, Hope Technology School proudly finds its home in the innovative Palo Alto.

  1. Well-trained educators

aNJ8PB-KdGDsWBDVEGTeWjVzxtOkvwtAcsUHkYb8gsSGP_a_Btjb1nrMlh_IicPcpcyZiA=w944-h489In order to have an environment that is as inclusive as it is productive, we have the highest standard for our teachers, paraeducators, and staff, which they exceed with flying colors. In an atmosphere that encourages students to excel in education, our staff excels in educating them. Each of our teachers and paraeducators are qualified both in education and in experience, which equip them with the tools needed to help their students succeed. In such a diverse environment that requires creativity, patience, determination, and a heart for the students, our staff goes above and beyond.

  1. Community-minded students

HTS would not be the Best of the Best in any area without our amazing students. Although inclusion is implemented into our curriculum, it would never be put into practice without our students’ willingness and desire to include and befriend each other. Each student is infused with the mentality that though they may be different from their fellow student, they are never less. The children of Hope Technology School become best friends with peers that they never would have imagined to have influenced them. The students of HTS don’t see labels such as typical or special needs, rather they see each other for what they really are: friends! And it is these friends that make our school the Best of the Best.