A Musical Touch-Using Technology to Make Music!

Incorporating music in the classroom enhances student learning  and also develops students musical intelligence. A calming tune that is played in the background while writing in a journal entry can stimulate reflection. Music can also be played in the background while reading a poem, stirring and evoking emotion. This musical dramatization can highlight the message of a poem.

Cultivating a musical ear in the classroom is just as important as learning academics. In my classroom we do not have access to a piano or drums. Instead, we’ve transformed our TouchSmart computers into virtual pianos and virtual drum sets.  Students learn to identify musical notes, transcribe them on their music sheets and play rhythmical beats on touch screen computers. Students simultaneously play a song together developing a sense of community and appreciation for each others abilities.  Using technology to make music has been a fun and melodious experience!  Check out this website where you can make music too and begin creating your own musical beats in your classrooms! http://www.livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=32789

identify musical notes play the notes on virtual keyboard