CREATE Summer Camp is a Hit!

This summer, middle school and high school students from around the Bay came together at our Palo Alto school to “CREATE” incredible projects in animation, app design, and cooking!
Students spent two weeks on each project.  From learning to design their very own app and visiting Facebook in the heart of the Silicon Valley to cooking with local chefs to learn the art of pasta making, kids were having a blast.

Guest speakers were the highlight of each session bringing in engineers from Facebook, animators from Pixar, and a concierge from Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, students saw first hand what skills are needed for careers in these areas.

Animation Session

“We learned step by step how to animate a scene.”


App Design and Coding Session

“I loved visiting Facebook, we toured the campus and we learned a new program for coding.” – Christopher, 8th Grade


Cooking Session

“Cooking was my favorite session because we got to eat lots of good food and I learned more recipes that will come in handy when I’m older.” – Maddy, 8th Grade