Pastries for Puppies: 6th Grade Bake Sale Service Project

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and his commitment to help others, the 6th grade class brainstormed how they could use their talents to do something for the community. They planned a service project they would like to implement, which is a bake sale to benefit animal shelters! I’m so proud of the compassion, enthusiasm, and teamwork they have displayed in planning this project. The students have used any free time they have to plan what baked goods they will make, research which humane animal organization they would like to support, and design flyers for the event. After watching videos and seeing photos of animals being nurtured back to health and adopted by loving families, the students were more determined than ever to do what they can to help abused or needy animals.

We are planning to hold the bake sale on March 27, the date of the HTS Spring Fling, so that both the HTS and outside community can be involved in supporting this great cause!  We are still working out the details but would appreciate your help! Ask the 6th grade for details or stop by HTS on March 27 to support their effort!