3 Ways Inclusion Can Inspire You

The classic Pixar flick Finding Nemo was recently playing at a friends home and I couldn’t help but appreciate the film’s underlying messages.

One of my favorite scenes involves from Bruce, the loveable great white shark. The large predator of the ocean is jolly, laid-back, and a jokester. However, his personality changes when his instincts kick in and turn into a fish-eating shark.

What we learn from this scene and others from Finding Nemo is that your differences don’t have to define you. Bruce and his other shark friends initially appear threatening, but we soon learn they want to be friends to other fish in the sea. They want to be included.

In the same way at school, it is unfair to judge students based on their appearance, behavior, or skill competency. The unfortunate reality is that children are excluded from schools due to a disability, race, religion, or gender. It is up to us as educators, parents, and friends to make a difference and be a voice for those who are unable to speak and stand up for themselves. Once we’re able to accomplish this, we become a step closer into unleashing the power of inclusion in an any educational setting.

Here are 3 ways how inspiring inclusion is and how it empowers us to have hope for a better education for our students.

No One is Left Behind
For years, we have seen more children excluded than included in different situations in schools or work settings. Imagine a classroom environment where regardless of a student’s learning challenge, disorder, or disability, curriculums will be constantly modified so that no one is left behind. Every student equally progresses at their own level, while not feeling excluded. Now stop imagining because this classroom environment can become a reality with the proper direction and guidance from the educator and additional helpers.

Everyone is Safe
Imagine walking into school every morning without any self-esteem, purpose, or ambition. It kills the desire to be present at school. When spearheading any inclusive environment, it is essential to understand we have the opportunity and privilege to create and boost our student’s self-esteem. This creates a safe environment where students feel comfortable to feel themselves at school. If done effectively, this can be a powerful tool for students to be honest as it builds trust between the student and teacher, which ultimately creates a thriving learning environment for all.

Reduced Stigma
Inclusive classrooms are filled with diverse learners. This allows students to be open and understand how everyone learns their own unique way. What makes this process beautiful is that they will soon learn that they have more in common with other students than they thought. This is just another example of the tremendous impact inclusion has on both students with typical and special needs. Students without disabilities are able to learn and develop compassion for their peers, which helps students build and maintain lifelong friendships that start in the classroom.

In all, these are just 3 simple ways how inclusion inspires us at the Hope Technology School. We hope these 3 methods inspire you to have hope and believe in the lifelong impact inclusion has on every student.