Voc Ed Community Training

Our Voc Ed class had a great time going to Starbucks on Tuesday. Students started off by roleplaying different scenarios on how to interact with employees and order drinks. Also we went over etiquette such as how to wait in line, being polite to other customers, being polite with employees, etc. The students did a great job being independent. We even got a chance to play UNO outside while we enjoyed our drinks.
We’ve also been continuing to work hard on our email writing skills, parts of a conversation (i.e. greeting, opening statement/questions, body of conversation, short statement, farewell) and how that ties into writing a good email, money and budgeting skills as well as music and other activities.
In the future we will continue the following weeks with another visit to Piazza’s, AAH farm, and Starbucks. 
Submitted by Christian Trifforiot, Voc Ed Instructor