By Jessie Clinton, SLP

At Hope Technology School we use many cutting edge technologies to address specific communication goals in structured therapy and classroom environments. These technologies are also utilized to address functional, pragmatic communication in community and social settings. In addition, the availability of these technologies to all students is abundant and used multiple times throughout the academic day.

This morning in our vocational education class, a non-verbal student was empowered as he played cards alongside peers with the assistance of current technologies. He enjoyed expression as he asked others to join the game, requested, commented, and made jokes. For this blog, I asked him, “Can I take your picture?” He responded, “If I can autograph it!”

Katya Hill, Ph.D., CCC-SLP states in her online course for AAC that the top two values of AAC users is to communicate exactly what they want, and to say it as fast as they can. Any family member, friend, or clinician working with AAC users knows that this can be a challenge. Today at Hope Technology School, one student was able to realize these communication values with the Assistance of Technology.